Joanna Newsom

To mark one year since Divers came out, here’s an unreleased song from those sessions:

Just hope we don’t have to wait five years for the next album!


Man, what an album Divers was! Was not expecting to obsess over that album as much as I did…

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It’s been out for a year?! Fucking hell.
Still a great record - will listen to it tomorrow in celebration.

Seeing her live this year was one of the best nights of my life!
She really is wonderful.

One of those albums that, because I decided I liked it almost immediately, I haven’t listened to it an awful lot since last year…because I never needed to “get into it”

Definitely putting it on tomorrow

If she wants to stick that on an EP with some of the recent tour’s live arrangements of old tunes, a-la Ys Street Band, I’ve be pretty chuffed. Saw the show 3 times and I was really surprised by how great Peach Plum Pear was.

There’s a few quite weak tracks on here (Same Old Man, Goose Eggs, Same Old Man), but the other tracks are juuuust amazing.

The album has still not properly clicked with me. Perhaps if I understood the concept better, it would have a bigger impact (never really read any of the reviews) but it just seems like a more “mature album” with less edges (musically and vocally) or memorable songs.

I still like it, I still think it’s still very pretty and well written, I just don’t love it or connect with it in the same way I did with HOOM or Ys.

love quite a few of the tracks but think it’s also my least favourite of hers

HOOM > MEM > Ys > D fwiw
still perhaps my album of last year which i guess shows how far ahead of the game she is

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Ys > Have One on Me > Divers > The Milk-Eyed Mender (but they’re all great)


seems to be a continuing trend for me. Ys > HOOM > Divers is like each one gets a bit “cleverer” than the last but at the expense of something i can really connect to. I think a big problem with divers is the completely overworked production. There is SO MUCH going on that it just sounds cluttered and gets in the way of the songs. the best parts are the simplest moments, like the end of sapokanikan.

I feel like Ys is more intricate than HOOM though, reason why i like that and the debut more is cos they allow more room to breathe

I think this is how I’d rank too

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Goose Eggs vastly improved by trimming the intro and losing the final 90 seconds of electric piano noodling.

I love them all too, but my ranking is completely different

Milk-Eyed Mender
Have One On Me

I loved Ys when it came out but rarely go back to it now. Milk- Eyed Mender is completely the other way round - I love it more and more as time goes on.

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Look and despair!

milk eyed mender makes me so happy

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Ys still blows my mind when I listen to it


Ys > Milk-Eyed Mender > Have One On Me > Divers I reckon, could throw a blanket over all of them though

It’s hard to listen to it without a smile on your face