Joanna Newsom

Ys still blows my mind when I listen to it


Ys > Milk-Eyed Mender > Have One On Me > Divers I reckon, could throw a blanket over all of them though

It’s hard to listen to it without a smile on your face

Ys>Milk Eyed Mender> Divers >> Have One On Me

Ys>Divers>HOOM>>>>>Milk Eyed Mender.

much of Mender annoys my ears. others are stone cold classix.

Ys > good bits of HOOM > Milk Eyed Mender > Divers > Boring plodding piano songs of HOOM

there are no boring bits on hoom


ITT: absolutely no agreement on anything apart from how great all of the albums are. That’s as it should be.


She should do a collaboration with Boredoms - Vision, Creation, Neswon.

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I neeearly agree with your ranking. Love Milk-Eyed Mender too much though so that gets first

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This is a fairly recent reconfiguration

oh my god i am angry about this opinion !!


I can get down with basically any order, except Ys being the worst

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ys last wtf

ys is comfortably my favourite

Just think the others are a lot more accessible and don’t have the cheesy orchestration, it is still a 10/10 album but the one I’m least likely to put on for enjoyment

Ys on vinyl is a thing of great beauty.


Quite tempted to buy it on vinyl just to make myself listen to it again

It’s designed like a storybook, really well put together in an aesthetic sense.

Ys turns ten years old on Sunday

There’s like 2 decent songs on it