Job ad thread (possibly rolling)

Dunno if we have/have had one of these but anyway

here is a thread to post job links that are not for you but that you think others on here might want to apply for/should do

Just saw that an anti-poverty NGO in LDN is looking for a writer for 1 day a week + other opportunities

might be good for someone here who has journalism/digital content background, works freelance maybe and is looking for a steady task/to get out of their kitchen. Job’s a good un

feel free to add to this thread if & when


We’re after coders and IT people

oh yeah, also a good thread for folks to recruit in :+1:t3:

We’re after people with a health research/science/stats/maths background. London (Hammersmith) UK HQ, with senior positions available for remote workers.

(those teams are very out of date since our office move last year. I was a founding member of the (now defunct) FC To Madeira however)

Is he not the guy in that picture not wearing an official top? Like he turned up with a similar top hoping that others owuldn’t show and he got lucky.

I’m not convinced he even works for them.


We’re generally hiring actuaries (part-qualified or otherwise) and investment consultants in Scotland and England if anyone does that and wants referred.

Please note that i do not do either of those jobs, and will probably not be able to answer questions about them.

I’ve mentioned this before, but if anyone knows of any admin/secretarial work in Cardiff or surrounds going (immediate start preferable) hit me up, I’d probably send you a fruit basket or something if I got a job.

If anyone knows of any remote freelance proofreading/social media work that needs doing, my friend is looking (his current employer is a bit of a dick and often doesn’t pay him on time, sometimes he has to wait for months) :+1: