Job application – etiquette

Need a new job, been looking around the usual places.

There’s an ad on Indeed for a really cool agency in Birmingham. They’ve put where it’s at in the ad, and I’ve been and snooped around at their website, etc.

Question is, do I go via the ad, or just go direct to the agency? I’m always wary of going through agencies as you never know how they’re presenting you (if at all), and I’d always rather be in charge of the conversation. But is it bad practice to go direct if there’s an ad out there? I reckon a creative company would appreciate the direct approach.


I’d go direct. Worst that could happen is they advise to go through the ad


Yep. It will also save them thousands if they employ a direct applicant


Does the company website have a ‘vacancies’ section (i.e. could you have seen the advert without going through the agency)?

Would you cold send them a CV? The risk with doing that is that if you went through the agency they might be able to give you a little more information so that you can tailor your application to the specific role and responsibilities that the company want.

Hmm, if I’m recruiting, and I don’t have the job ad on my website, but I do have it via an agency, I would probably want you to go via the agency, and would get annoyed if you didn’t.

But I’m pedantic as fuck and I’m not in a creative field, so YMMV. @ safebruv’s point is very good too, of course.

No (also a reply to @marckee) , they don’t seem to have a vacancies section. It’s a massive agency with offices around the world, so the website is more of an overview of what they do.

The job ad on Indeed has all the info so gearing my application to the role wouldn’t be a problem.

In which case, definitely go through the recruitment agency. If you try to apply directly your email will be lost or not forwarded to the right person, whereas the agency will have a direct link.


The correct etiquette in this situation is to show up at the front door and demand an interview.

If the office is closed when you arrive simply break the glass of the front windows with a hard knock to the corners with a hammer. Look for the hiring manager’s desk, use your hammer to nail copies of your cv to the wood and wait for them in their chair.


Waaay ahead of you.

Ask A Manager has some good advice around application etiquette (hint: don’t send someone your used, smelly shoe as a sign you ‘want to get your foot in the door’).

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Well I just spent half an hour writing the perfect email, only to get a mail non-delivery notification. Reckon he’s got a problem with his inbox.