Job happiness, etc

I’ve got a theory that nobody truly does something they love for a living, short of most sportspeople, maybe a select few paid actors and writers, etc, and the odd sociopath who’s bluffed a job combing beaches somewhere warm, or maybe some people who work with animals, or for humanitarian charities, or maybe professional photographers, and the teachers for who the human side of the job outweighs the stress, etc, BUT APART FROM THEM i’m not sure anyone really loves their job. Some people claim to because it has certain perks, or because contemplating getting out of bed can get difficult, idk.

Basically, i’m having my three-yearly should i go and build wells in Africa or cut down trees for a living phase which normally results in me changing to a prerty identical office job for less money, so tell me about when you’ve done a job you’ve LOVED, or a time you’ve made a huge career change which has or hasn’t worked out…

I don’t love my job, but it’s fine and I’m okay with that, because of these reasons:

  • I can cycle to work and I like doing that
  • the cafe here is really fucking good and eating good food makes me happy
  • the work is interesting enough to keep me entertained (though it can also be very boring)
  • everyone here is really nice and I get along with everyone
  • I’m able to leave on time every day and there’s no work-related stress

broadly agree -

find it pretty weird when someone is all


and i’m thinking
’whats’ it going to be? astronaut? pop star? father christmas?’

‘… IN HR!!!’

and i’m like :confused:


See, i think this is about as good as anyone doing a regular job could hope for. It’s the small things either side and inbetween your hours that make all the difference, eh.



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I love my job. It has its downsides but most days I feel dead lucky that I get to do what I do.

It’s partly because I compare it to what I was doing before (working as a semi-skilled low-paid chef) and when I’m feeling bad about work I just try and remember that at least I’m not cleaning out drains at 2am on a Saturday.


astronaut? pop star? father christmas?

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i like the actual thing i do for a job, but doing it for money brings nowt but misery. only hope is to charge shit loads of money and work as little as possible, but when i have a big dry spell (like now) things get pretty bleak.

You’re a translator, right? I can see why somebody would enjoy a job like that. It’s a vocation, surely. Other peoples progress depends on you being good at what you do. My problem’s that i just couldn’t be arsed putting the hard work in.

literally just turn up to work every day with the aim of not getting fired and hopefully getting paid more at some point soon. I don’t give a shit about it, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing - you just have to accept that its 9 or so hours every day that you’re spending literally doing nothing worthwhile.

I think the only circumstance in which I’d enjoy doing a job is if I worked for myself, which I hope to do ASAP.

Freelance translator. Work from home, get to choose what work I do, get to go to Switzerland every so often, don’t have to talk to people much.

yeah that sounds pretty good and interesting! sounds worthwhile!

An issue i have when trying to map anything out is i’m not really passionate about anything much beyond…football, music, films…but those are huge areas full of paid jobs, but the ol’ lightbulb doesn’t flick on.

Yep, sometimes you get really dull work and it’s really hard to get into but it’s been worth it.

people in HR love their jobs because they hate people and like to feel tremendously self important.


If you hate your job then move. I did and my life got so much better. Sometimes it’s the people or the place or the commute.

I went from private banking in Mayfair with tubes and trains and a long commute to travelling by car to a job near my house in a single building in a woods. It has helped tremendously.

Also see your job as it is: Transient. It’s a stepping stone. Take baby steps towards a better lifestyle. Cut out the commute, let this job lead onto another job that has more of the good bits and less of the shit bits. Do that a few times and you end up liking your job, weirdly.

I know this doesn’t sound like amazing advice but it really does help. At least it helped me.


I genuinely enjoy my job. Truely.

Get far more respect and pay I should. Get to manipulate and see data from a huge range of activities and then get to mess about with it to influence HUGE INSTITUTION ALTERING DECISIONS. Loads of fun politics to get involved in when things are a bit dull. Have built up enough goodwill to disappear for hours at a time. Half a dozen sound people who are more friends than colleagues.


Loads of people here are lazy fucks so I get dragged into doing their shit incessantly. The politics eventually boils down to: “I’m more middle class than you so shut the fuck up or we’ll sack you”. Whenever you rely on anyone, and I mean literally ANYONE to do ANYTHING they fuck it up so spectacularly it’s mind blowing.


Anyone who gives initials as their job’s a guaranteed twat. “What do you do?”, “I.T”, “Yeeeeaaah, but what do you do?”.


neither am I to be honest and I’m not really sure what I’d rather be doing either.