Job hunters unite (rolling)

Boring job application question - if you don’t know the name of the person you would be reporting to and it doesn’t specify on the job advert, who would you address the cover letter to? Sir/Madam seems too bland and impersonal. Any ideas?




Discarded LCD lyrics

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the last one I sent was addressed to ‘HR Department’.

Didn’t get the job of course.

dear job cunt,


For the FAO of whom it may concern


do any of you have any QUALMS about sending off a cv to some recruitment company you don’t really know? basically has all the necessary info to do a pretty deece identity thefting

Either go with sir / madam or phone the company and ask some questions about the job and get a name.


Dear Bootlicker/Neocon//Other

do they actually care? I went with 'Dear [name of company] on one and they seemed to be implying I’d have got the job if they didn’t get rid of it before it started

How do people apply for jobs when they already have a job
I never have time to do anything

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Yey, that’s great news. Who knows, maybe it went better than you think! I’ve just emailed you :slight_smile:

As long as you’re not putting your date of birth, NI number or bank details on your CV I think you’ll be ok. Remove your full address and just put partial postcode if you’re worried.

this is my problem - I need to look for stuff but when I get home after a day at work I just want to sit around doing as little as possible, not work on my CV or sort out applications for stuff :sweat:


Am checking for a job ATM, but just some casual work to keep me going when uni starts back. There’s a job going for 5 hours a week (but I’d pretty much be guaranteed OT with that) but it might be a ballache to get to.

Mainly just ignore all my work in the current job that I despise until it becomes really obvious tbh

Will be unemployed by 1st Jan 2018. Happy New Year! Will get a bit of redundancy, but fuck all really. Should probably start looking now but cba

i usually say ‘hi’, seems to do me just fine

applying for jobs is part of my job :sweat: