Job interview attire

Got an interview tomorrow. It’s a good job, and the only one I’ve heard back from, so without over-aggrandising it if I don’t get it I’ll be unemployed forever.

What should I wear? I asked my mate who works there who said “dress code is business casual, but I’d go for the full suit and tie”.


The role is Digital Designer. General consensus with design roles is you don’t want to overdress, as it shows a lack of understanding of the role. I’m thinking maybe shirt and trousers, no tie? I don’t know. Eesh.

Certainly don’t want to end up not getting the job because of what I wore to the interview though, I’d rather leave that to my personality and lack of skills.


“When can you start?”

“Did you want to see my w…”


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normally wear tweed blazer with white shirt n tie, and black skinny jeans and smart boots. probably look a cunt tho

for that role, prob go smart shirt, smart shoes and smart trousers, no tie


If in doubt - wear a suit.

This is the rule.


Yeah, jacket and shirt, no tie, nice shoes. You do want to look a bit ‘creative’, so probs not full suit? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a web designer wear one!

(And a man bun obv)

GL MrS :+1:

Best piece of job interview clobber advice I ever heard was dress so that if the person who interviewed you was asked the next day “what were they wearing?” they wouldn’t be able to answer.


I just realised why this is so appropriate.

Probably a good idea tomorrow to not misspell the word ‘job’.

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Or did some fucker change this?

“Suns Out, Guns Out” singlet.
Snapback cap
Shorts that say "Do the Bartman"
Suit jacket turned inside out
Googly eye glasses


Our place is pretty casual (chinos and polo shirts and whatnot) but I would be stunned if someone showed up to an interview in anything but a suit.


My current job title is “Multimedia Designer”. I wore a proper suit (dark blue), shirt (pale blue) and tie (dark blue). But it is a huge, multinational corporation.

For a job interview before that, at a small design agency I wore black trousers, white shirt, grey blazer jacket and no tie.


I wear my New College tie and New College cufflinks to make sure I get the job on the spot.

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My skills include decapitation and Photoshop, I like reading and cinema


Now I’ve started giving interviews, it’s been interesting to see what people show up in. We’re a tech company and it’s very casual (I’m wearing a three wolf moon t-shirt and denim shorts right now, the CEO usually wears old skateboard t-shirts and trackie bottoms), but we get a whole range - rarely full suits, but often smart shirts and trousers, right down to people who look like they’re going off to a festival.

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Also having interviewed people in the past attire isn’t the be all and end all but I’ve found the impression you get (take it away, shucks) from what they’re wearing tends to set the tone for the rest of the interview. Case in point is the guy who hadn’t taken one of the labels off his suit. Felt like he wasn’t really prepared and the interview confirmed that.


General rule would be shirt, smart trousers, tie. If it’s even slightly corporate I’d wear a tie even if people don’t have to wear them there day to day.

If it’s more ‘creative’ smart casual/no tie is prob fine.

Some fucker just did! Thanks @sean, ruined some #qualitycontent