Job interview attire

blue shirt brown tie works a charm

Someone once turned up for a job interview with me wearing a hoodie that said ‘Bad Motherfucker’ on it.


Yeah, the only interviewee attire I remember are the ones who show up in Oxbridge college ties (and not for the reason they’re hoping for when they pull that shit) and the guy who had a purple tie with a really fat knot that wasn’t pulled all the way up and had the top button undone. He looked like a used car salesman.

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@plasticniki corrected your typo.

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Yep. If you can remember what the person’s wearing - that’s a bad sign.

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did you hire them?


I showed up fully suited and booted for an interview with a man in a faded Marvel comics t-shirt. I might have judged that one a bit wrong.


denim shorts. denim shorts. denim shorts. Hotpants yeah ?

Fuck no. I’m not one for wearing a suit to an interview but if that’s you on best behaviour then you’re going to be a fucking nightmare to work with.


Was it the worst. interview. ever?

What was the job?

Wasn’t a great interview. It was a proper patent twat job, but I guess they went fully casual when they didn’t have client meetings.

I would go with the suit, shirt and tie.

Sure thing, babes :wink:

Roller skates away…

Roller skates away backwards…

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honestly try it they won’t know what’s hit them

Someone may have already said this (haven’t read the thread) but if your mate who works there says full suit and tie then trust him

Full suit and smart shoes or dress trousers and tie.

You want to look like you’re making an effort to impress them but aren’t so formal that you couldn’t be creative.

This advise comes with the disclaimer that I’ve never interviewed for a creative job and have worn a tie and full suit for most of the interviews I’ve had in the last ten year.

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full suit, but make your own tie. SMART and CREATIVE.
Ideas for tie would be made out of tin foil, but chocolate buttons stuck on. Then throughout the interview you can pick off a chocolate button and eat it while saying things like “hmmmm, that’s a great question Julie”

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this one would do the trick

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