Job Interview Chatecdotes

Had gotten to the final interview round for a job after a friend referred me and the interview was with the CEO. He had a reputation for being a fiery character and so I was a little nervous going into it.

It didn’t start well, he was a little late and seemed flustered. Then he started by asking me questions about jobs I’d had years ago, like temp jobs when I was in school and things like that, for example my brief period working at a fancy dress shop. He went into some serious detail on them even though they were irrelevant to the role and my answers just seemed to annoy him. I was giving as good answers as I could but it was pretty tough when you’re talking about working in a fancy dress shop for a job at a tech firm. All he wanted to talk about we’re my hobbies and jobs from ages ago, was very weird and it did not look like it was going well.

Eventually he asked me “was the last job you had really 4 years ago?” in an exasperated manner. I looked at my CV in his hand and told him “I have more experience on the other side” at which point he turned the CV over to see the front page. Hadn’t clicked until that point that he didn’t realise it was a double sided print and had thought that page 2 of the CV was the first and only page. He got a bit embarrassed and ended up asking me a few fluffy questions for the remainder of the interview. Was glad as he was notorious for throwing difficult questions into his interviews.

Got the job and stayed there three years.

(H)ow (A)bout (Y)ou?


Turned up for the interview three weeks early, got the job.


“Well, she’s keen”


Not really an anecdote but I always end up sounding like Theresa May or some other past PM (usually Tory) whenever I go for an interview. Probably why I got the job.

Dunno why I always subconsciously draw inspiration from the Tories, maybe I am a Tory…

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“Well, she’s keen”


Haven’t got a huge amount to offer but I did once get rejected from a position with a company in the recurring billing world because, and I quote, “we just don’t think you’re passionate about direct debit”. Now, that’s probably not the real reason, but what a reason to give!

edit: fucking hell how many times do I have to edit this before it makes any sense, I need more sleep




Sounds like they dodged a bullet

Bullet had to change at Guildford




Got absolutely frazzled from head to toe on the beach immediately before getting my flight home from Primavera one year. Had previously set up a graduate interview for the next day as it was the only day we could both do.

Had been unemployed for months and was desperate for a job, so despite the fact that I was in agony, I lathered myself with 12 layers of aftersun, donned my suit and headed to the interview in Liverpool Street. It just happens to be about 30 degrees out and I’m absolutely dying.

When I arrive at the office for the interview they first tell me the air conditioning isn’t working and then that I’ll be interviewing for a different job than the graduate one I applied for – a regional manager position I was massively unqualified for. I am sweating through my suit. My entire body is on fire

Somehow I blagged this to make myself seem somewhat competent for the job and the two ladies interviewing me said I’d be invited back to meet the manager, who was out of the office. Relief! I get up to leave.

But just as I was about to walk out the door the manager walked past the office. One of the girls says she’ll just go and grab him. “I’ve really not got time for this Suzie”, he says in an audible huff as he reluctantly proceeds to enter the interview room.

He then proceeded to ask me every single fucking question again. But this time my veneer of competence was slipping. He also accused me of lying about my nationality saying I must be Portuguese (I don’t look Portuguese, and I don’t think the sunburn made it look so) which turned into a bit of a weird argument.

I ran home to bathe in calamine lotion. I did not get the job.


I don’t know why you Portuguese are so reluctant to be honest about your nationality.


This anecdote reads like you don’t have your most recent experience at the top of your CV. Unless he was reading the second page first?

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He was reading the second page first


“Did you not think to put your name on your CV?”





Yeah exactly! He must have thought that not only was I underqualified, but I was also shit at creating CVs.

Did you put your oldest jobs on the first page, or did he just start reading the second page?

This story is riddled with more inconsistencies than his CV

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