Job interview

Interviewer 1: "So you mentioned there in your previous job how you’d often have to take on different roles depending on how busy things were and whatnot. I mean, that’s something that happens a lot here -

Interviewer 2: “Absolutely”

Interviewer 1: “So… were you okay with that, how did you get on?”

You: “Yeah it was fine, obviously there were some roles I was stronger at than others just due to the experience factor, but I enjoyed the challenge of adapting to something that would usually be out of my comfort zone and getting better at it.”

Interviewer 1: “Sure, yeah, I know the feeling.”

Interviewer 2: “Gordon, if you carry on, right, I swear to God, I’m phoning your fucking dad.”

All three in unison: “You want to see the state of our Wesley.”


Just read this again and laughed at it. Cheers.