Job Satisfaction [Audit]

Spin off from cuntby’s other thread. How would you describe your current work status:

  • Full time drone
  • Freelancer/Sole trader
  • Own my own business m9
  • Part timer
  • Temp/infrequent work
  • Unemployed, student, etc.

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How satisfied are you with it?

  • I love it!!!1
  • It’s… fine I guess
  • It’s pretty crap but I’m resigned to it
  • It’s horrendous and I need to find something else asap :sob:

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Do you work in the industry/kind of role that you want to work in?

  • Yep, doing what I wanna be doing
  • Sort of, close enough
  • Only tenuously related
  • Not even close
  • I dunno what I wanna do!! :sob:

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Plan of action?

  • Just keep doing this until meat shovel grave most likely
  • Keep same kind of job but hope to work up to a better position
  • Gonna study/train and do something different
  • Pretend I’m gonna make a change later on at some point but probably wont
  • Wahhh I don’t know stop hassling me!!! :sob:

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Any other work chat: allowed

my plan is basically this:
i’m working in the industry i wanna work in and have made a bit of progress but have seemingly gone down a wrong path that’d led to a bunch of work i don’t wanna do. gonna try and take on some low/no budget work and buuild up a new showreel so i can try and work more in what i wanna do.

It’s all fine right now but the thought of doing it for another 30 years :scream:


I don’t mind the work but I do mind the company.

Plan is: finish professional qualification then leave

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are they paying for it? would you have to pay some back if you leave?

They’re paying for it. There’s a period of six months once I’m done where I would need to repay a portion if I leave.

Six months is a good amount of time to find a new job

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Genuinely enjoy my job. Bit of an about turn after a couple of years of not doing so but it’s genuinely good.

Opportunities for progression are limited, but not impossible. Could stay doing it and get a Senior Management gig. But this is all dependent on if I stay in London or not. If I move out of London to another city this job doesn’t really exist so I’ll jack it and make a sideways move.

I like my job most of the time, some days it’s tedious but other days it’s brilliant.

Been doing what I do and working up the ranks for a while now though and keep contemplating some sort of change. Main problem is my ‘skills’ and ‘experience’ are only really suitable for this role.

the job itself is what I want to be doing - its just in the wrong industry.

Go through fits and starts of enjoying it and hating it. Currently hating it. Managing a bunch of shelf stackers and till workers isn’t the most satisfying job in the world tbh. But moving to a bigger store, closer to home should help to kick start it and freshen things up.

No qualifications past BTEC level, so not exactly the best position to find jobs nowadays and no idea what I’d swap to if I did jack it in. Meh.

There are times when I love my job with all the exclamation marks; most of the time it’s alright. I’d give it a 7.5/10

Yeah, I’d like to change industry

I like doing what I do but I’m not a huge fan of the industry, and I can phone my current job in so I’m incredibly bored and frustrated.

I like what I do, and think that this group of colleagues is the best I’ve ever worked with, but I do find it hard to get enthused about the end product we’re producing (compared to the schools, surestarts, hospitals and tube/train stations I’ve worked on before).

I think a huge factor in whether I (can) stay will be the results of Brexit. Given how things are going at the moment, I fully expect the recession/collapse to be worse than that after the GFC (when private sector construction crashed) and after 2010 (when the government slashed public sector investment). Over half of all UK-based architects were made redundant at some point between about 2009 and 2013, and I fear that it’ll be this that will force my hand.

What changed?

My job is fine really. Zero stress, leave work on time every day, everyone I work with is proper nice, free tea and coffee (and fruit on Mondays), nice office, really really amazing cheap cafe downstairs, I like my commute. We’ve been short staffed for the entirety of 2017 and it’s meant a lot of changes but it’s still fine really. You just get on with it, don’t you.

However, like the @laelfy the thought of doing it for another 30 years is awful. AWFUL. The things I actually want to be doing would mean taking a gigantic pay cut which will never be possible. Another plan would be to move abroad where I could do good stuff without worrying about money.

If you’re thinking of changing career, would you consider going (back) to college/uni/doing an MA?

  • Y
  • N
  • maybe, dunno

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It was because I felt trapped. No way of making a sideways or upwards move. Felt I’d shafted myself. That and at that point things in my current job were tangibly shit.

Got a handle on all 3 of them now and I can get back to enjoying it again.

I enjoy my job.

The work is varied and challenging, the environment is generally good (could do with being a little less open-plan, perhaps), and my colleauges are almost all pretty good eggs.

The company is really big on helping you progress if you show the right behaviours and ambition, and after 14 years of sitting in dead-end jobs with no hope of going anywhere, within three months here I could see a career path for the first time ever, and within 15 months had not only secured promotion but also become a line manager for the first time - something I never thought I would be able to do.

I reckon a move one more rung up the ladder is well within reach in the next couple of years.


I think that was the final nail in the coffin for me when I was making up my mind about leaving this job and fucking off out the country for a bit. terrifying.