Job Satisfaction [Audit]

I enjoy my job.

The work is varied and challenging, the environment is generally good (could do with being a little less open-plan, perhaps), and my colleauges are almost all pretty good eggs.

The company is really big on helping you progress if you show the right behaviours and ambition, and after 14 years of sitting in dead-end jobs with no hope of going anywhere, within three months here I could see a career path for the first time ever, and within 15 months had not only secured promotion but also become a line manager for the first time - something I never thought I would be able to do.

I reckon a move one more rung up the ladder is well within reach in the next couple of years.


I think that was the final nail in the coffin for me when I was making up my mind about leaving this job and fucking off out the country for a bit. terrifying.

I handed in my notice a couple of weeks ago, and will be starting a new job in two weeks’ time. Current job is ok, though I’ve begun to really dislike it ever since I told them I’m going to be leaving. I work for a family business as an in-house designer, and there’s only so far I can progress here, so I’m pretty glad to be going someone else.

How’s the thought of doing your current job for the next 30 odd years?

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Needs a, “I’d certainly consider it but there’s no way in hell I could afford it” option.

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the question said ‘consider’!!!

In a broad sense the plan’s just keeping alive as long as I need to I guess.


Well I’d definitely consider it. In the same way I’d consider growing wings and making a new life as an albatross.

Every employer I ever have will resent me though because I’m not going to actually work. Sorry pals the pool’s too big, can just get another one. Had like 5 jobs this year alone.

Yeah, good luck with that.

genuinely very upsetting

I went and did another degree part time while working, it was massively stressful and exhausting. I finished it two years ago and haven’t done anything further with it.

I quite like my job but I don’t think I’d want to do this job forever.

I know there are people retiring in the next year which will create promotion possibilities for me. It might be a bit soon but it might be years before another one comes up.

Quite like the idea of writing exam questions for a living when I get sick of the classroom.

I actually quite like my job, and the company I work for is doing loads to try and retain people and offer plenty of very decent benefits.

But… I’ve hit a point where I feel I’ve hit a bit of a dead end in terms of progression: I’m now overqualified in one very specific part of the business and doing something different (and closer to what I’d like to do long-term) would likely mean taking a fairly hefty pay cut and starting again.

I’m actively looking for something different now with more chance of progression: been with the same company for over 5 years, so even a sideways move might do something to alleviate some of the boredom that has begun to creep in.

i’ve tried to start doing this kinda of by lying about my availability. like if someone tries to get me in for a week i’ll say that i’ve got something booked in on the friday but can do mon-thurs. it’s dicey coz i will sometimes miss out on the job but 3-4 day week = :ok_hand:


Hate the industry I work in. It’s bro-ville

Have very little interest in what I do but am good at it and get paid well

When the mrs gets sorted with what she wants to do and is bringing in a steadyish income I’ll go contracting, just need something to cover any lean times when starting up.

yeah, will probably be working freelance for the company I currently work for when I move, but have massively lied about when I’m free. Just wanna sit around and eat free snacks in bars, before, but not part of a meal.

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I freelance alongside my full time job and the plan/goal/dream/delusion is to build that up until
I can switch to just freelancing.

ffs :disappointed:

should probably try to get a job huh

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