Job spin-off thread: what are interviews like in your job/industry?

for me, 9 times out of 10 when I get called for an ‘interview’ it usually means dressing casual/come as you are, sitting around drinking cappuccinos and talking shit for ten minutes to check you aren’t a total chancer but no real in depth questions about your aspirations or any of that bollocks. i’d be screwed in a more corporate world.

wbu? smart attire expected? aptitude tests? several rounds? skype conference with 12 people? tell us!

For getting into the profession, you usually get a technical aptitude test (e.g. chemistry), a descriptive technical writing exercise, some other formal writing test, and then some awful oral description thing like “What’s an orange?”

The rest of it is just checking you’re white and Oxbridge.

Phone interview to check you’re not a chancer/utter baffoon
Online test if it’s a skills-dependent role (coding, data analysis, etc.)
Face to face interview (skype if it’s a pain to travel)

Smart attire, but full suit would probably be weird.

i’m guessing ‘a fruit’ is not an acceptable answer? pls explain

This is my employer, not sure about the industry at large, but it’s usually a lot more corporate and formal.

A guy wore a suit to an interview at my old work and the moment he left my bosses ripped the piss completely out of him for it. Pretty harsh. He still got the job though.

Alright, an apple is also a fruit. What makes on orange different from an apple?

It’s orange.

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Last one I had was in a Costa (it wasn’t for Costa)

“Can you pour a pint?”

  • Kinda
    “Can you work Saturday nights?”
  • Yeah
    “You’re hired!”
    :beers: :beers: :beers:
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So’s a tangerine. How do you objectively describe an orange on a way that distinguishes it from a tangerine?

so it’s like the penoid version of that bit in the wire where the new recruits are asked their current location?

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Alright Jeanette Winterson.


Tangerine, orange, satsuma - Same thing, pal

Also - Says ‘Orange’ on the label, ysc

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First step - a literacy and numeracy test to weedle out the Sun readers amongst us.

Then a formal interview in front of a panel of two - mostly competency based (e.g. Can you tell us about an occasion where you have had to display leadership in the face of adversity) and a big old question on safety.

None of that ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?’ / ‘What is your biggest weakness?’ malarkey.


As close to a bog-standard imagining of ‘what a job interview is’ as you can get.

30-60 min ‘chat’ to make sure you are professional/not a weirdo/moron.

If successful then 1-2 weeks later a 2-3 hour session including several presentations, possible role play, written tests depending on the actual role.

For one job I had 8 separate interviews/presentations/tests. Didn’t get it.

We’ll… uh… we’ll let you know.

Dunno, I’m more of a Kerrang! man.

Written test, analysing information and writing a report.
Competency based interview.

All three parts done on the same day. Wore a suit, probably didn’t need the tie.