Job vacancy closing date - 9 August (no time given)

Is the deadline:

  • 5pm
  • Midnight
  • Should have got it in yesterday, ya prick

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Email them now. Often it’s 9am.

on august the 8th


?? Surely not. that’s a dick move.

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It is a dick move.

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In my experience it doesn’t matter, it’s not like it gets to 5pm and they immediately start sorting through the applicants. You’d have no way of knowing anyway, so why stress?

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Last time I emailed a company about a job before formally applying, it was to double-check how many references they needed. The advert said 2, the further particulars said 3. Somehow managed to enrage them. Needless to say, I had the last laugh by not getting the job


why not just put 3 down then

similarly if the deadline is ambiguous why not send it in the day before

no sympathy from me at all here warny

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not looking for sympathy. Just FACTS

good job they didn’t specify “closing date: winter”

eh? ho ho ho and how we laughed


it’s probably end of day today but yeah, shoulda done it yesterday m9

thanks everyone. I might just become DiS’ avant garde editor after all!

unlikely these other terrible people, i hope you get the job

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No, but some places discount applications that come in after their (often arbitrary) deadlines.

by how much?

It depends on the place. I’ve been part of processes where they won’t accept applications sent in 1 minute after the deadline.

Unless it says otherwise it will be 11.59pm.

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They didn’t say what year though did they? Yeah! Submit that CV babes!

Poll’s now delivering the answer I wanted: CLOSED

and God bless you @foppyish