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I’m working from home today. But I’m not having fun. The reason for that is that I’m applying for my own job in one of those “everybody has to apply for their own job” things.

Obviously I absolutely hate doing this, and I’ve been procrastinating about it for ages, but just now I basically finished doing all the bits of the form, give or take a bit of tweaking here and there and…

…all of a sudden I get a massive rush of depression and sadness, and I find this really peculiar. Having been properly depressed in the past I recognize the levels and depths and this is actually quite a high scorer. I know it’ll pass shortly, plus I’ll be pleased I got it done, but I find it strange that doing something like that could have that effect. Does anyone else get this? Surely writing for a few hours about how great you are and what fab things you’ve done should make you feel tip top no?

There’s better be some funny threads today.


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I think that’s Bukkake



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When I was little, I saw a JCB drive past. It was a bit muddy so I thought JCB said JOB. I called any tractor a “Big Jobbie” for a while, never understood why my Dad was so amused by it.



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Italian :blue_car:

You’re only supposed to five characters off!

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