Jobs that aren't in an office


I’m having major work woes at the moment and coming to the conclusion more and more that it’s sitting in front of a PC all day that’s getting me down rather than the role itself (although that in itself is pretty tedious).

I don’t’ have a degree. 10+ years EA and customer facing roles in higher education etc. I can’t drive (so postman is out). I hate talking on the phone. Absolutely fuck retail. Where does one go from here, DiS?


Something in social care maybe?


refuse collector
self employed something
forestry officer
rock star


Really successful Hollywood actor.



Or that thing he does at the end of Office Space, which seems to involve shovelling gravel.


Bike mechanic / instructor


Dog walker
Gym instructor


Have you ever thought about becoming a supermodel?




Learn to drive.


Work in a youth hostel in a really nice part of the world
Something at a National Trust property


And then become a driving instructor


By nice part of the world I mean the Lake District or something where it’s mainly families and walkers rather than gap year kids


Do you like the customer-facing aspect of your work?

Do you like getting outdoors, and would you be prepared to do it even in bad weather?

Are you up for learning a new skill? Would your current place of work be prepared to offer you a four day week or a sabbatical for you to train in something else?

How keen would you be to do physical work?

(sorry if this sounds like one of those bad spam adverts)


Yes, I’m not the most confident person but like it mostly. I basically want to work on the underground but that’s seemingly impossible to get your foot in the door unless you start from the bottom.


Yes very much so. They might offer a 4 day week, I already for a 4 1/2 day week to make time for my volunteer work.

Depends - if it’s labouring then no. Something that’s on my feet all day but rewarding, sure.


Maybe a gallery, or museum? The pay can be terrible though.


Warehouse work. Can be okay paid (better then retail) and is completely mindless. I actually quite enjoy it


Helps that my boss lets me listen to music/podcasts


Hugely competitive fairly poorly paid and to add to that you will probably have to do loads of invigilating (standing round d doing nothing for hours on end)


Honestly gardening or becoming a park ranger is the way to go. National Trust tends to always have loads of jobs going