Jobs that musicians have go on to after being in a reasonably successful band

Sice from the Boo Radleys is a psychologist now

manager of another rubbish band

Not trying to stall this thread but this was a big thread on this topic on the old boards: Interesting (Or Uninteresting) Stories Of What Mid Level Band Members Did For Work After Their Bands Split Up/Got Dropped/Fell Out Of Favour. / Music Forum // Drowned In Sound

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The bassist of the Boo Radleys is an ICT teacher :smiley:

Dave Rowntree from Blur is a councillor as of 2017

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The lead singer/ guitarist in Buffalo Tom is a real estate agent

I love this subject by the way

Not just for bands who are past their prime - I’m interested what currently “successful” bands still need some kind of alternative income, the music biz being what it is these days.

Wish this came up more in interviews (actually maybe it does, I very rarely read interviews with bands

Manager of a paper mechants in Slough


One of the Cooper Temple Clause was interviewed for a job at the place I worked years ago.

He didn’t get it.



Roddy Woomble (of idlewild, obviously) has a guest house


One of Kerbdog is a chemical engineer or something

Drummer from Forward Russia! works in a 6th form college as a tech assistant in the music department. Seems like a logical progression.



apparently when asked about the interview he said “It went badly from the off, but I thought I can’t just bail, I will see this through and leave”


Meatloaf has been selling car insurance since 1995.

I know it’s been around a bit but…

Bo Drake in Soho is run by one of the guys from Shit Disco.