Jobs where at the end of the shift you smell of something associated with that job

has your pfp always been a sock with eyes or is that new?

Lush pusher

porn star

I reckon it’s been that for a year and a week now, idk. It was a red kite taking off from a tree before that.

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Never clicked on it before. Always assumed it was someone like Gromit

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Cinema. Always used to finish my shift smelling of hotdogs and popcorn.

Take me back I was delicious then.

Came to post

Massively preferred being chicken and chips side to being gherkin and burgery from the grill side though

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I normally made burgers all day (they didn’t trust me with the tills) and then I’d have to wash the fryer at the end so I’d get best of both worlds.

And they wondered why I’d sit in the stock room and hide, eating a flake and drinking a fruit shoot.

Used to start my shifts with a big old coke and a sit in the freezer if I was a bit hungover

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Costumed performer at a dinosaur theme park that provides the authentic dinosaur smell experience

we used to lock Niall in the freezer


There was a Niall at ours too but he was pretty high up iirc


This is now the McDonald’s workers (past and present) thread


Poultry processing plant.

I’ve had a couple of projects based in them, and you have to put all your clothes through the wash several times to get rid of the smell, and it stays in your nostrils for days afterwards.

Journalists smell like newspapers (and deceit)

When I worked in a bowling alley I came home smelling of fun!

Really enjoy it when a post like this is accompanied by your avatar.


Estate agents - death