Jobs you could easily do


was chatting to an interior decorator earlier. could easily do that. move this here, put that there. chuck a rug in.

architect - couple lines, maybe a curly bit. window over there. don’t forget a door or two. easy



Agree on both counts.

Having owned the LEGO Architecture Studio for a while now I’m confident I could easily design some bitchin’ buildings if someone gave me the opportunity.


Acting - easy as fuck
Town planning - I’ve played Sim City
Pilot - fly themselves these days, don’t they


Fireman - Point water at burning bit. Piece of cake.





graphic design. choose a font, move stuff around a bit so you can ready everything properly. job’s a goodun.


Steve. Black turtleneck, shit jeans, arrogant disdain for medical science - done.


yeah man - fucking walk in the park that shit



it really is that easy.


Yeah, I reckon this. Acting just can’t be that hard.




first things first, man. get to the interview on time innit!


Model. Sure I’m only a 4/10, but all you gotta do is wear clothes and walk sometimes.


Reckon I could be a v-blogger. Be kind of exhausting, over-react to stuff, be on a computer all the time, I can do these things. Apparently you get paid shit-loads.


[double thumbs up]


Ok bud. Thanks for dropping in!


Friend of a friend of a friend has just started doing this. My god, I always kinda suspected he was a self-absorbed twat, but it’s almost unbearable to watch. He morphs into some hyper diva. Very odd.




Chef - few ingredients in a pot, bish bash bosh, piece eh piss.
Writer - make up stories all the time.

Jobs I couldn’t do:
Rock Star / Rock God - ready for bed after about 6 pints these days.