Jobs you've been putting off for ages despite not doing them causing huge inconvenience...

We’ve had an old Firestick for years. Must have bought it around 2015. Our ITV Hub app had a bug, so every time there was an advert break it would freeze at the end of the final advert, and the only way to play it was to watch the advert again, several times. Sometimes it was three or four, think the record was having to play an Ancestry website ad ten times. Reinstalling the app didn’t help.

Sorted it out this morning. Only took me seven years. Properly chuffed with myself.



Think the final straw was having to do the Katy Perry Just Eat add eight times, tbh.


Changing the handle on one of our internal doors. The spring has gone, which mostly means the dog has more opportunities to escape. We’ve got another identical door with an identical handle mechanism that doesn’t get used as much (at all, really, it’s a cupboard where I chuck stuff I’m ‘dealing with’) so all I need to do is take the handles off and swap them over. Have I? Have I hell. It’s in my ‘shit to do before Christmas’ bucket.

It’s been like this for about a year and a half and causes daily issues, but I am laaaazy

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This happens too much :sob: have unpacked boxes yesterday that took about 3 hours in total but cost me 2 months of tripping over boxes and low level anxiety about finding time to sort it


Need to donate a load of clothes to the charity shop. Every time I get a charity bag through the door I swear this will be the one that gets my arse in gear, but nope.

Maybe the next one.

Changed the lightbulb in the bathroom the other day - had been dark in there for weeks. Me and my partner are both “oh, that’s just how it is” kind of people, so phone torches just became accepted as a quirk of the room.


The main light in my bathroom went about 5 years ago, weordly there’s also a sort of wall light in there that’s better anyway (the other was too bright). Ths light in m’s bedroom went about 6 years ago.

I dont even know how to replace them. Batnroom is screwed in place, bedroom is a giant flat glass cover that i dont know how to remove and the light looks like it could be circular too? Guess we’ll never know.


I mean, this is excellent work. Our bathroom is too bright now really, so I think you’re right to stick. I had to just choose the bulb based on its physical length, rather than anything to do with appropriate strength, because the difficulty in the first place was reaching the thing. I worked out that if I stacked some books on the top step of our little stepladder, and wore chunky trainers, I could just about reach it to change it. Even now, I’m realising I could have just added a couple more books to the stack and got whichever bulb. Practicality is not a strength.

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About time lights sorted out changing themselves imo, also all new ones are way too bright. Have reverted to old fashioned bulbs now where possible ecause ambiance is my jam, not LED. Sorry planet.

These are the giant glass ones i have in a few rooms, hate them, and the ones that do work are so bright and horrible when on. This is probably like 24 inches or something and must be so heavy. Can’t see a way in and this one in the living room i know for a fact has dead wasps in it. Never going near them.

(Yes i have a wood chip ceiling too :pensive:)

Does that sticky outy bit unscrew maybe?

Sorry, realise you weren’t looking for advice but this is a fascinating light.


Never seen anything like that before.

Do they not screw off? Most bulkhead lights (or similar) we’ve had have had a plate which screws in to the ceiling, then the cover…thing screws on.

Idk, every day i worry that the light will fall on me or m and kill us as it honestly must weigh so much. So even if i had any desire to change these awful things, I’d never trust that I’d put it back right.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure I’d sooner go about with a torch than attempt it tbf


They’re not flush to the ceiling either despite how it looks on the photo which makes me even more fearful of them. Just a large floating heavy thing that will never be removed . Had a look at the bulb just now through the glass and its like a big giant sausage tube thing in a circle. Never seen anything so utterly ridiculous

Reckon that pin screws through to the ceiling and the glass is sat on the little plate bit. Never seen anything like it.

Viewings of the fascinating lights will take place every day over the festive period. Bring your own torch. £38 pp.


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I’ve been moving one light bulb between the front room, the spare room and the hall depending on which of those areas needs to be illuminated for about three months instead of buying new light bulbs.


They’re bloody expensive now. Last-but-one bulb I bought was £1.20, went for one recently, four effing quid.