Jobs you've been putting off for ages despite not doing them causing huge inconvenience...

My issue is that I apparently buy the “wrong colour light” so rather than risk “the place looking like a prison canteen” I just swap one around instead.

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Warm white for evening rooms, cool white for day rooms. Come on, pal. I know you can do it.

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You’ve given me confidence, I’ll buy em this week. Thanks pal

I’m sure you’ll make light work of it

To be fair, buying lightbulbs is unecesarily stressful - just for common bulbs there are two main colours, about three popular fittings, several wattages, different types. I just want a fucking bulb, man.


Best thing about an old job was the lightbulb shop across the road. I mean, it was a general electrics shop that just had a shitload of lightbulbs in stock, but whenever a bulb went out at home I’d take it in to the surly man in the lightbulb shop and ask him for the same one as it or the closest equivalent he had.

I’m sure he thought I was a useless fucker, and he’s not wrong, but that was one tedious source of household stress taken care of for six years at that job.


I made a bad choice of bulb last time the light in our bedroom went, “prison canteen” is a good description.

Still not going to replace it until I have to


If they are LED the chances are you can’t change the bulb and they would need to be replaced although apparently LED just gets dimmer and dimmer, doesn’t burn out.

Archway is lucky enough to have a very surly lighting shop nearby so when a weird bulb goes, after I’ve Google image searched how to undo the fucker, I’ve been able to carry the old bulb down and they have the replacement.

Probably twice the cost online though :roll_eyes:

Getting up


I don’t understand this

Alright, Justine Frischmann

Don’t worry about it. We all have to start somewhere. Just do a bit of online reading and get yourself up to speed.


I mean if they’re some kind of specialised weird fitting.

Seems like the ceiling flat ones I looked at were claiming as much :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ceiling light that requires you to change the whole fitting when bulb goes.

Given the age of the fitting, it’s more likely that it’s one of the old flat fluorescent bulb types (likely a GR8 one).

You can get LED equivalents of these nowadays, and they last a lot longer than old incandescent or old energy-saving bulbs.

Well let me introduce you to this.

Scout said LED not fluoro.

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Buying printer ink.


Ah, right, well that’s very wasteful, and has only only come on the market in the past year or two.

Scout’s fittings look like they’re from the 1970s. The bulb will be replaceable, but it’s definitely a two-person job.


That’s not talking about the big ceiling rose thing

All I’d say is that if I had fluoro lights anywhere but bathroom/kitchen I wouldn’t even replace that shit either :grinning:

Am I living in an office? Lamps forever in that instance.