Joey Barton


Misunderstood or massive cunner?

Massive cunner IMO.


Absolute whopper of a human being. The man is a complete bellend.


Not the footballer we need, but the footballer we deserve.

Total wank stain but always makes me laugh.


England international Joey Barton you mean?

They must have been dark days…


he was not too shabby, back in his citeh days


I’d be keener to give him the benefit of the doubt if he was just better at football at any point


Just read this, which is pretty scathing to say the least (Sun link sorry)…


terrible, terrible cunt


remember when he said Ibra had a big nose?


His mentor is Peter Kay?


Total minge of a man.


Yes, but not THAT Peter Kay:


Ah right.


Tbf he’s probably been our best player this season…no, actually he’s been utter pish.
Not sure he’ll play for us again, can’t remember a time where one of our players got a 3 week ban from the club.


I’ve only ever encountered him on Twitter and he seemed really intelligent from what I recall.


anyone can appear intelligent on the internet, man. unless you’re kidding, then as you were


Are you kidding? He’s a fucking idiot.


I dunno, by ‘intelligent’ I mean he appeared to be a level headed and progressive sort of person from the Tweets I read. I was expecting bad English and RAGE to seep out of the screen from the comments I’d seen about him elsewhere.


remember that time he was on french tele and put on that weird accent?


It’s all a front, he’s a fucking moron with anger-management issues that tries to hide it by quoting people who are actually clever.