Joey Holts' pubs...

Do they have them outside of the North-West?

Barely believable old-school boozers where you can get leathered on three pints, have a game of arrers, blast some classic Smooth FM-type tunes, chuck your wages in the fruity and sneak a couple of indoor fags.

If not, what would be your regions equivalent to that sort of sub-Spoons, 1970s-type chain pubs that have no right to still be going. Let’s try not to be too jugdemental here, like…

Has anyone tried Holts’ Diamond lager? Crisp as fuck. They’d get about £8 a pint for that if they stuck a Czech flag on it. The honey ale - Humdinger - is brilliant as well.

Never heard of them, sounds like a manc Sam smiths? (where’re they from actually, somewhere like Halifax?)

hate going for a pint with northerners in London.

‘let’s go to sam smiths’

fuck off.


mainly people from leeds and the rest of yorkshire tbh.

Sam smiths are decent in London cause they’re so much cheaper than everywhere else, imo

Is Sam Smiths the one owned by the Brexit guy who bars people for swearing?

I think there’s one in Manchester (Sinclairs Oyster Bar?). Used to be about £2.25 a pint. Don’t think it is now.

they’re crap though. dingy as fuck, beer is always off/crap, not that much cheaper than other pubs. they all smell like toilets too.

something like that. there are loads in central London.

Eurgh yup he’s a prick
“In July 2017, Samuel Smith’s Brewery banned motorcyclists from one of their pubs. Initially no explanation was offered for the ban. It was later reported that the ban was instituted to keep “undesirables” from patronising the establishment.”

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perfectly acceptable, IMO


Do they have darts teams, and meat raffles, and homemade sarnies behind the bar for £1.50, and those round tables with dimpled copper on? That’s what i want really.

In Holts’s pubs they used to chuck the dregs back in the barrel. Rumour had it some landlords emptied their ashtrays in as well.

Nah, they’re Sub-spoons drink rooms. No charm to them other than some in nice old buildings

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Still happy to have a bottle of maple moon or humdinger when I see them.

Beer provider at FC United too


there are definitely pubs like that in London though. My local for a few years about 5 years ago was basically invite only. 2 quid a pint or something like that, meat raffles, old blokes smoking doobies in the corner.

here it is

Yeah, they do (or at least used to do) either Diamond or Crystal I think? Never knew the difference between the two.

They recently gifted a half mill for the homeless refuge in Salford to be refurbished too :+1:


I used to drink in the Grafton on Grafton St when I lived in Manchester. I remember when bitter went up to £1 a pint (mid 90s?). It had a reputation as a student-unfriendly pub but my mate worked behind the bar so we got a pass. One of the regulars was really interesting - he had taken part in the Kinder Scout trespass and had loads of good stories.

Diamond’s the one where you wake up in the kitchen with just a single sock on.