Jogging bottoms

AKA joggers, trackie bottoms, sweatpants, etc

Like a complete chump I’ve been wearing jeans this whole past year, when I could have been comfortably ensconced in some comfy, elasticated trou instead. I have a pair of cheap jogging bottoms that I sometimes wear, but they’re so loose and knackered that I can’t in good conscience wear them outside the house, plus, the pockets are too shallow to put anything in (I reckon this is why the trend of blokes having those tiny Adidas bags has come about).

Anyway, where can one buy a decent pair of comfy tracksuit bottoms with good pockets that are sensible enough to wear out of doors?


never wore them before this shit started

have only worn jeans 3 or 4 times since this time last year


Now that’s living.

Get jeans with Elastane in them. Comfier than joggers.

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Was thinking this myself, don’t think I’ve owned a pair of these in over 20 years. Following with interest.

Do people still wear these?

Back in school people were only allowed to wear these.


got some joggys that are so disgusting i’m ashamed to answer the door to the postie in them

love them


They fall down as soon as you put anything in the pockets

Don’t risk it

I’ve got a pair of these on right now

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Someone must have overcome this issue.

i’ve some primark ones sitting next to me now. interestingly i only just rediscovered them in a drawer a few days ago. not put them on yet though.

I have plain black ones from tesco - nice and slim and comfy, I wear them with converse out and about…yeh im cool


Trackers with belt loops?

A tie is never enough to hold them up against the weight of a phone, a modest wallet and some keys

This is the issue, most look like MC Hammer’s get up.

don’t have joggers but my house trousers (and at one particularly low point, long johns) have been out of the house to Nisa a couple of times.

Just going t point out the long johns are perfect also - wear them as house trousers and then it’s quick to get outside ready (and then inside ready when you return) with minimal farce.

Before March last year, I don’t think I’d owned any for a good tean years.

If you sign up to the mailing lists for sports clothing like Adidas they’ll send you discount codes.

I got a pair of Adidas ones at the start of April last year and they’re really comfortable.

I bought these at the start of this year because they have an astronaut on them.

even with an astronaut on them, £55 for joggers seems a bit steep!

I’m wearing them right now


Some fine joggers, friend.


Mine are all h&m or uniqlo. I wouldn’t wear them out of the house for anything other than exercise or putting the bins out, mind.