John Carpenter

Anyone going to see him on his UK tour this month? I’ve just bought a (quite expensive) ticket for Glasgow Barrowlands. Did anyone go the last time he was in the UK?

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Literally just off the phone to an ATD about tickets for this barrowlands gig! :grinning:
Saw him play last time in Manchester, absolutely brilliant! :+1:

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As LP says, the Manchester gig was a great night out on the last tour (if you were far enough forward - not sure everyone liked the venue, but sound should be fine at the Barrowlands).

I AM. Barrowlands tooooo!!

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I might be another one for the Barras show


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Saw him at The Troxy on Halloween itself two years ago and it was great. Disappointingly small number of people made the effort to dress up however :-1:

Got tickets for Shepherd’s Bush Empire this time around. Pleased that it got moved from Hammersmith Apollo :+1:

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I’m looking forward to it. What do you all think of his ‘Lost Themes’ albums. I’ve only heard ‘Lost Themes II’, which i liked (mostly).

Lost Themes is markedly better than Lost Themes II :+1: The remix album is also good…

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Dunno :woman_shrugging: I’m just going to see the big man dance and point :smiley:

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Saw him play in Barcelona. Absolutely fucking loved it.

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saw him last time in Manchester. Had a fuck off sulk about the shit shit shit venue. it was frankly a waste of money, but not JC’s fault.

Just bought my ticket for Friday there

Something has come up and I can’t go on Friday anymore, I’m so sad!

It’ll be an amazing gig, love that he seems to time his tour around Halloween.

I picked up my tickets for Friday the other day. Canny wait. Got an ATD coming along who rarely ventures out so delighted he’ll be joining us

So he was pretty great last night :+1:

Heavy on the movie themes and surprisingly light on Lost Themes I/II - pretty crowd pleasing in fairness. Having the highlights of the films behind the band playing the themes was simultaneously distracting and great - always entertaining when a film highlight elicited a massive cheer from the crowd mid-song. Made me want to go watch all the films in a back to back marathon. No support, started at 8:30, done by 9:45 so early night all in all. JC himself was on good form with some entertaining between song chat. Good visual gag for They Live too.

Couple of pics - Vampires might not be a great film, but it provides a nice backdrop:

Here’s one of that bastard @Lo-Pan


There’s me :grinning::+1:

Glad you enjoyed, can’t wait for Friday night!


Me tooo!! Aahhh!!

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Heeey! Just wondering, how prompt was JC on? The gig tonight starts at 7:30, I just wondered if he’ll definitely be on then as I’m travelling through, bit worried about missing anything.

They (play) Live

london was doors at 7ish but he didn’t start until 8.30. wouldn’t stress