John Cassavetes

…didn’t make a great film.

Like Wim Wenders.

That’s it. That’s the thread.

correct, he made 2

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Cassius Clay was hated
More than Sonny Liston
Some like K.K. Downing
More than Glenn Tipton
Some like Jim Nabors
Some Bobby Vinton

The one with Peter Falk and the angel is okay.

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I’ve got issues with The Killing of a Chinese Bookie.

Could have been an excellent film.



Guy Picciotto to thread

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If the thread was named Fugazi and OP said ‘didn’t make a great album’, I would say agreed

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It was his son who truly took up the mantle


Good old Justin Cassavetes.


Yeah that’s one, and obviously paris texas too but I think that’s what you’re angling for here you scamp.

In all seriousness, I’ve only seen Husbands. It was extremely good in a very painful way. I don’t have a burning desire to watch it again.

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Two of the above.

They’re lyrics, I know nothing about him tbh, or even if this is the right Cassavettes :smiley:

Thought this said John Cassettes. That’s all I have to add.

I really like the Fugazi song but have never seen one of his films.

Yeah me neither. Seems to have the worst ratio of director fame/ critical kudos to films anyone has actually seen of all time. I don’t remember ever seeing them on TV or on any streaming services (and I had MUBI for quite a while)

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Unlike say Wim Wenders. Seen a fair few few of his without having to try at all