John Cooper Clarke

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Cool guy, met him after a gig he did and he was really lovely. Always has quite good opening acts as well. Could do with more voices like his imo

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lovely guy, true artist imho

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Always loved him but there are a few bits in his book that are a bit ‘you can’t say that anymore’ so :man_shrugging:

Oh :worried:

That’s rubbish :worried::worried:

Never heard anything more about that which is a bit odd, and nobody ever clarified what he actually said. Not saying that excuses anything he did say but just seems different to other cases like this, for some reason.



this is from 6 years before the article I posted

Obvious content warning for transphobia

Yeah fair enough. Should probably just shut this thread down now.

Oof, I’ve seen him twice and don’t remember any trans related stuff at those thankfully. Always enjoyed him and have two of his poetry books, but haven’t read the autobiography.