John Lewis Xmas Advert

It’s an original song performed by Celeste who won
BBC Music’s Sound of 2020.

Chaotic mixture of animation styles, not sure I like that


Agree. Seems a lot to take in.

Not one mask. Shambles.


Charming enough. Much more palatable than their grand narrative ones.

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I quite like Celeste - she’s got a great voice. I actually did like the way the different animations fed each other and the sentiments are nice.

Best of all, they haven’t gone down the large family group having a happy Christmas together route that a lot of other big names have - that’s just insensitive in a year where people aren’t going to be able to (legally) do that.


Not enough erect cocks for me

Wrong brand?

Aaah, that’s really nice how it goes full circle. :slight_smile:

Haven’t watched it and probably wont to not ruin the scene in my head which is these soundtracking xmas

Shit, not watched it


Thought that long cracker was something far more fun


What’s with the team up?

Hope maybe Tesco and Asda put their heads together this year.

Seems a bit chuck a load of cute things at the wall and see what sticks - 3/10

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bit disappointed that i can’t get really annoyed at this one

just a bit meh


john lewis owns waitrose isn’t it

hahahahaha how can a shop own a shop. you’re silly!

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Pretty great to see Anna Mantzaris get some exposure like this, her short ‘Enough’ is so good ENOUGH on Vimeo

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john lewis is a man!