John Lydon in a MAGA shirt

hope its a pisstake (?)

I mean, it wouldn’t be a big surprise would it? He was pro-Brexit wasn’t he?

and he has previously said pro-Trump stuff

it’s a quite old photo iirc

I think his position is less pro-Trump / Brexit and more pro-what they represent as exposing / shaking up the status quo

Still a bit of a shit position to take in terms of ignoring the dangers that the two things represent

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I know, I know, it’s serious


has he?
ghastly little fake

It was a few years ago. As @manches says he probably changed his view on him now or he could have been trolling in the first place


yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Fuck’s sake, came here to post the exact same thing

Like John Lydon in a MAGA shirt selling me butter


wel he had a good run. had to slip up and say something stupid sometime eh

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Don’t pay him any attention obviously

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Man’s an utter prick

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