John Mahoney (Frasier's Dad) RIP


I think The Ski Lodge is my favourite episode of that type.


I’ve never seen Moonstruck. A good time to rectify that I think.

Very sad news.


Brilliant episode. That and ‘Ham Radio’ are two of my favourites.


Very sad news, Frasier is my favourite sitcom of all time and John Mahoney’s performance and Martin goes a long way to making it that.


The class dynamics of sitcoms are fucking weird, aren’t they? Doubt Frasier would have had any real crossover appeal without Mahoney and Leeves, but i remember it being hugely popular across the board. Don’t think it’s even a case of having relatable characters onscreen, more that the joke goes from being on the audience to the least likeable characters merely by having the balance.

Didn’t know he was from Withington.




He and Eddie (Moose) are reunited.


Enjoyed him as Mayhew in Barton Fink and Management in Burn Notice too. One of those actors you’re always pleased to see.


He was the dad in Say Anything as well


When Moose had to lick his co-stars, however, sardine oil was applied upon the actors’ faces. John Mahoney once revealed liver pâté was dabbed behind the actor’s ears to make Moose nuzzle the actors.[1]



Lovely stuff


Yeah a brilliant film that seems to have fallen off the radar a bit.


the Z in the thread title is irking me


really, really sad about this. most celebrity deaths just wash over me. not this one.





one of the few good cops


Sad :worried:

He was absolutely immense in the role he played in In Treatment too, probably my favourite of the patients in that show (and there were some excellent performances in there).