john martyn + nick drake article

John Martyn always comes across as such a complete bastard in everything you read about him.


Two of my favourite artists ever. Thanks for making me aware of this👍

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Yeah he was an utter piece of shit I’m afraid


Well Nick Drake liked him so he can’t have been that bad.

Tbf Nick Drake was kind of a douche. Differing scales of crime to John Martin mind.


I read this earlier and then made it me listen to some other folk artists I do like- Sibylle Baier, Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs and Robbie Basho

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Do you like anyone?



bloody love some John Martyn, though. his softer and/or more dreamy cuts are just like nothing else.

the ache in these ones


This whole John martyn album but this song gets me every time.

It’s so hard to square his music with everything you hear about his personality

I remember Martyn supporting the Verve at the Haigh Hall gig. The sound was pretty poor from memory and he kept stopping and starting, people started booing, and he walked off after not very long. I always felt a bit guilty about it until I read a bit more about him.

Some beautiful cuts there, with Phil Collins on Drums/backing vocals on Sweet Little Mystery, I believe.

Gutted I didn’t see him on his last tour back in '08.

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This is my favourite underrated John Martin banger

(banger here in the usual sense of “long, chilled out, placid, folky jazz”)

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