John Martyn

Anyone a fan? I’ve heard the ‘Solid Air’ album and i’m looking for recommendations on where to go next.


Yeah absolutely. Solid Air is number one for me for sure, but my other favourites are Bless The Weather, One World and Stormbringer which was one of a couple of albums with his wife Beverley (who, though I’m not entirely sure about this, he was actually pretty abusive to).

He was a bit of a cunt though wasn’t he.

It really makes it hard for me to listen to him now

same here.

I recommend most of it. Stormbringer, Solid Air, Bless The Weather, Inside Out, Sundays Child are must haves of any collection. Grace and Danger should be as well, but whilst I hesitate to dismiss him as a cunt he was cuntish to his first wife Beverly - and Grace and Danger is an album in which he mourns her leaving him. Moving, unless you hear her version of why the parting took place.

`The only album I would avoid is The Apprentice. Way too reliant on keyboards and the god awful keyboard sounds of the late 80s , early 90s