John Maus

Oh I get it now

Ariel Pink: “John [Maus] is, by the way, 1001% on team Trump”

It’s essentially a karaoke cover, the instrumentation is exactly the same.

oh well

Thought Johns last couple of albums were serverly lacking anyways so I guess I now have a reason to jump out of the endless nostalgia noodling

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apparently, people are finding that he’s donated quite a hefty amount to the Trump campaign :grimacing:

Genuinely baffled by this, the guy was genuinely a fkn hero of mine not too long ago

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Seriously saddened by it all. I’m not sure I’ll be buying any more albums by him but I’m going to try and not let MAGA John ruin old John’s work. And spend my money on Molly Nilsson instead.


Him and his wife :eyes:. Truly bizarre.

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Apparently his donations started after getting back together with her? Truly weird.

Whats’s John’s label situation? This isn’t me calling for any kind of action btw - just interested since Ariel Pink’s label decided to drop him.


seriously disappointing

I mean, my best hope (bc he also donated to Bernie) is that this is essentially a kickback against free market liberalism rather than full-on maga - but even so, to donate to Trump in that endeavour is pure Lexit logic and that’s arguably an even worse bed-shit


Ribbon Music. And he’s just restarted his old label with Ariel Pink. I haven’t bought any of the non-UTR records tbh.