John McCririck



Gone McCririck


He told my Granddad to piss off once.


Saw a picture of him recently where he looked really skinny and unwell (but hadn’t adjusted his clothing accordingly), so not surprised

He did blame Channel 4 dropping him for his illness/impending death which seemed like a bit of a stretch

They dropped him cos he’s an awful human being. Sounds like justifiable homicide to me

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79 seems like quite a good return for someone as unhealthy as him

cleavage sex

What are the odds?

I wish I’d never had to see him in his massive pants on CBB

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Wasn’t going to bother saying anything, but the bus driver has the radio on and I’ve just heard some windbag trying to claim it was all just an act and actually he was a really nice guy.

He was a wanker. Now he’s a dead wanker.

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This made me chuckle