John Peel then

He married a child and is on record as saying he never asked for ID.

So why does Music still fetishise him?

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It was obvious all along, what with Teenage Kicks being his favourite song

I interviewed and spent the day with John Peel on his Radio Show the day before he flew to New Zealand and died a few days later.

Couldn’t figure him out. Clocked I was a lapsed fan of the show immediately. Was also very welcoming and answered loads of questions for our fanzine.

Gave me some insane soundbites that in the modern day media context would have gone viral, such as stuff along the lines of: “this new BBC schedule is killing me”.

Spoke openly of his family, illness, mistakes. Hadn’t read his autobiography at that point so didn’t know about his early life scandals. Did make a comment to me I found uncomfortable about a female member of a band that day who whilst doing a live set was jumping up and down a bit. You can guess what the gist of that was.

But his staff seemed to love him and spoke so highly of him.

I have no idea about his early life. Was it more acceptable then? My grandad and nan were married when she was 16, him in his late 30s.

Did he take advantage? Was it true he didn’t know how old she was?

Spending a day with him, I left feeling a bit confused myself. Clearly loved music unhealthily. Even at that point with the BBC cutting back his slot he was listening to every tape he got sent and spending hours on his show.

Maybe I just met a grumpy older version of the man I grew up listening to.

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Oh, and the people only feign outrage when it suits their own agenda.

BTW it was very clear throughout that he worshipped his wife and family. He’d quit music in a heartbeat for them. Never heard anyone speak so much and so openly about their adoration for their family at that time. People were a lot more reserved back then.

Got a sense that he was a pretty decent guy all told by the end of the day. Maybe it was something he spent his life sorry about and trying to atone for. Maybe he didn’t feel he did anything wrong. Who knows…

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Bit strange how we decide who gets cancelled and who does not when you think about it, isn’t it?


Who else would decide?


It’s really weird. Its like in modern society no one can ever make a mistake. But we all do and learn from them. And what is acceptable one decade is often not in the next. Christ, how else does society explain the 1990s. I’ve never felt with Peel like there were a string of allegations or misdemeanors, just a singular life event he learned from.

The latest Aziz Ansari stand up show on Netflix tackles this subject really well (for obvious reasons). Well worth a watch. I had somehow missed all the allegations around that accusation but no matter your view on that, the way he deals with the subject is very interesting.


It’s probably why Right Wing people hate Lefties so much. We’re an inconsistent bunch.


I’m not in the UK and was never a big radio listener anyway but does John Peel get mentioned at all? He’s a DJ not an artist with a back catalogue. What’s there to cancel?

I’ll be watching that Aziz stand up. Thanks for the recommendation

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He was a famous person in the public eye. It doesn’t only happen to musicians.

What? I meant we, as a society

He’s got a stage named after him at Glastonbury I think. And does bbc radio do an annual John Peel day thing, or was that a one-off?

They do. He’s celebrated in a massive way.

I find that s bit strange tbh.

Presume your trolling here but not legal if either person is over 17.

Completely agree with the first paragraph, but feel funny about the notion that anything actually changes on your 18th birthday. I know I’m old but 20 year olds seem like children tbh.

I mean under 18 = child is still just a legal definition

I don’t think marrying a 15 year old when you’re 26 then later having an affair with another 15 year old when you’re 30 can necessarily be classed as mistakes.


That fact his wiki page doesn’t have a standalone “Controversies” section says something doesn’t it