John Prine RIP

I put together a playlist of my faves last year - linked below. You’ll find gems on pretty much every album he’s released though! He was an incredible storyteller as well, which really comes across on his live stuff.


Saw him at Fleidh back in 2004 on recommendation of a friend not really knowing his stuff myself. He was astonishingly good. The in-between song chat was almost as good as the songs themselves. Bought his debut album the following day. Then got my mum into him too. John Prine :+1::+1::+1:



Bit shocked by this. He visited the pub I worked in a number of times as he was friends with Philip Donnelly, a musician who was a regular. Philip passed away four months ago and now John’s gone too. Got a lot of thoughts but I’ll leave this here instead.


Always loved this one

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rip. love me some john prine. smoke em if you got em

I always liked this re-recorded version from 2000:

Beautiful tribute from Michael D. Higgins. Mentions Philip Donnelly too, which is a nice touch. Nearly in tears here.

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