John Singleton (very ill)

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Can’t knock the ‘importance’ of Boyz n The Hood

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Boyz n the Hood was a big movie for me in my formative years. One of the all-time great allegory films. Poetic Justice also great.

Had completely missed that he directed 2 Fast 2 Furious.


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Only 51. Very sad.

Can’t believe made Boyz n the Hood aged 23. Wow.

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Younger than me :frowning:


Very sad. I absolutely loved Boyz n the hood, watched that film so many times. 51 is too young.


Conflicting reports around…


@moderators: not sure if you want to put this thread to sleep; seems that the original report from The Independent is inaccurate


Thanks @Parsefone :+1:

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For some reason Boyz n the hood was one of those films that took ages for me to get round to watching. It’s a masterpiece, obviously

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