John Squire - Not Dead!

I thought this John Squire interview in The Guardian might be interesting because no member of the Stone Roses has spoken to the media for years…however, he says he has made a pact with Ian Brown not to speak about the relationships within the band. It is all very secretive isn’t it?

He should reform The Seahorses (I’m being serious).



“Can we talk about the Stone Ro…”
“Not even a bit”
“No sorry”
“(sigh) Ok, so this art you’ve done…”


‘Of course, we’ve seen your art on the covers you did for… er…’


All the while there was the promise of a third album, with expectations heightened upon the release of two singles, “All for One” and “Beautiful Thing”,

Not sure heightened is the right word there?


Shite-ened more like


All for One was bloody awful, Beautiful Thing wasn’t bad.

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Actually don’t think I’ve heard it.

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Just listened to Beautiful Thing again probably since the 1st time it was released. I think it was better at the time because I thought All For One was just such a rubbish song.


Watched the Shane Meadows film again recently. Maaan, Stone Roses fans are embarrassing…

just had a listen for the first time

sounds like something they might have had knocking about 20 years ago that wasn’t good enough to release at the time / 10

Never understood the huge appeal of the Stone Roses - I just genuinely don’t think they’ve got any good tunes, and Ian Brown was/is a shit singer. I can completely understand why the same sort of fan base likes Oasis.

Especially the guy who says something like…“they are the reason i still wear my hair like this and they are the reason i’ve never worn a tie”. Embarrassing.

Wonder if they made enough dough from a couple of years of festivals and stadium shows to live happily ever after? Fair play to them if they did I guess.

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I think they all did very well out of it. I’m surprised that, after the 1995 cancellation, they didn’t do Glastonbury during the reunion years.

I saw em at Heaton Park in 2012 worse crowd I have been in.

wikipedia tells me they did 50(?!) shows on that reunion tour, the glasgow green gig in 2013 was £55 a ticket so they must’ve done pretty well out of that tour

Bet they made a shitload out of merch (and reissues) too