John Squire - Not Dead!

any relation to Chis Squire of Yes?

kind of weird. If there’s a pact of silence you’d assume they must have had a serious falling-out over something that went beyond intra-band tensions.

Yeah, he was one I was thinking of.

Also the younger lad with the daft swagger and hammed up Manc accent who’s all like “ask me anything about the Stone Roses, I know everything”. The guy with him says something like “alright, which song’s about someone called Sally” and he goes “erm…Made of Stone?”

I’ve heard through the grapevine probably not at the moment :confused:

Doesn’t need to anyway, they made millions off the back of those reunion gigs. I reckon that was the plan all along with an album being a bonus if they could all tolerate each other through a writing and recording process. Probably for the best that album didn’t happen.

there were a few videos and photos of them recording the album (with track lists and what looked like recording progress boards in the background), i’m kinda surprised they didn’t just release it in the end and cash in, i mean they obviously weren’t arsed about any sort of quality control if they released “all for one”

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I know someone (same person who told me they were getting back together before the announement etc) that they had songs ready to go but they’d shelved them as not good enough. Kind of makes sense given the quality of All for One and Beautiful Thing.

I reckon there would be a decent ‘Let it Be…Naked’ type album out there for the Second Coming. Again, someone told me that what they heard was really great, but the record company got sick of waiting and drafted in a producer (Can’t remember who) to get something (anything?) out of what they’d done.

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i guess that makes sense of why they’d agree to just never speak of it, keeps the mystery up rather than admitting “we tried but realised what we’d written was utter shite”

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Paul Epworth was defo one of the producers

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Kind of glad they made a shitload and just left it be.

They have the type of fanbase where they could easily come back every 8-10 years and still fill massive venues if they needed to without ever needing to write anything else. Fair play.

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Yep, I saw them around the same time, all the cunts o the day there