Johnny depp apparently spent 3 million dollars blasting author Hunter S Thompson's ashes out of a cannon


that seems very expensive to me - i’m sure you could do that for cheaper

anyway he is in some money troubles as he spends 2 million each month, don’t know where this is going really

talk about

  • a time you wasted lots of money
  • a time you saved lots of money
  • a time you fired someones ashes out of a cannon
  • a time you watched a johnny depp film
  • another time (your choice)


I saved a lot of money recently by not spending £240 on a guitar pedal that I already own, but which isn’t pink and doesn’t say “BORIS” on it.

I nearly bought it anyway, which would have made for a slightly better story.


donnie brasco was pretty good wasn’t it

i think i would enjoy depp’s company but i don’t care for much of his work


looked at his filmography and the last of his i saw was secret window and that was trash.


Burying jewellery innit


Should’ve retired after What’s Eating Gilbert Grape




I really don’t like that film he made with Tim Burton.


disnt he so the good he video?


Twatty Depp fuck off.



Think this has been posted a few times, but never noticed the picture of a sausage stuck on the right before :grinning:


it just proper tickles me, whenever i see an ad for it, even without an S stuck in the middle now i start giggling



I got spread with his muck in a department shop just before christmas and my cuff/arm stank for a day or two


find it a bit odd he promotes a problem called Sauvage with his troubles