Johnny Moped

Half tempted to post this on the Social Boards because I’m coming to this via the Netflix show Basically, Johnny Moped which has a few 70’s problems but the overall feel of this is really quite enlightening. I love The Damned, always have done, always will do, this feels like some Daniel Johnston UK Punk that I have always ignored. Something really special here and the Netflix show is certainly worth watching.

Also the Chrissie Hynde footage, interviews and musical input is making me really think I should check out The Pretenders in a way that goes beyond my exposure to their main singles.


Still watching this but it’s very near the end.

The 1988 footage of them performing out of the back of a transit van is high, high art.

Shit. The footage when Captain Sensible gets onstage and plays guitar in current day at the end. Really worth a watch and I need to check out what this band actually did now I feel, The Pretenders and all…

Leading onto Women In Rock (Netflix) were the footage is unreal, so good.

Quote “we are fucking women making music, that’s all there is to say about it, calling us women in rock is categorising”. Still Netflix call the show Women In Rock!

Grapevine, grapevine. They are so damn cool.

The Siouxsie footage of Jigsaw Feeling is incredible. The flow. I was thinking the Girlschool footage was by far the worst then they knock it out of the park with Demolition.

The Slits dub live footage is just so good, that vibe. Is that The Roundhouse? I’ve only been there once but get a strong vibe that it is. Will stop posting now, thread is telling me off. I don’t really know The Slits material, will rectify that.