Joining a Union


is it trade unions or trades unions?

I think its trades unions but that sounds daft

What about labour unions? Prefer that.

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sounds nicer yeah I prefer that

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I’m with Unison, they’ve been great with handling work disputes (which HE institutions are terrible at handling otherwise). When our Payroll team didn’t pay some of our casual staff by accident, then closed ranks and blamed me, then left the staff without pay for two weeks, my union rep sorted it and got relevant managers in enough of a flap to actually address the issues so they were less likely to happen again. Pretty shocking that an organisation had washed its hands of not paying their staff for that long, not sure how it would’ve planned out with the union’s involvement tbh.


Barstool is an awful shitty US sports website aimed at MAGA pricks, and every day they plumb new depths


Always and forever the iww are such a GBOL


Further 14 days of strike action just announced by UCU


St Mungos workers have voted to take industrial action


Saw this last night - really happy to see one of their demands is to resolve the issue that stopped me from being willing to donate to them again.

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Wasn’t able to attend our AGM cos of actual work meetings :-1:t2:

Read the email and minutes and we are hopefully going to press the co about it’s ethics policy particularly wrt sponsorship :scream::scream::scream::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So I might have joined Unite. How do I found out about meetings and stuff?

This week is Heart Your Union week :slight_smile:

Solidarity to my old comrades in UCU on strike atm


Got our new pay offer through and it’s miles better than it would have been had we not gone on strike last year. AWESOME. Also

lowest paid staff minimum hourly rates will increase by 6.9%

nice :sunglasses:


Union beers in Milwaukee

Just round the corner 8 steelworkers were shot for trying to unionise. There are multiple staff members at my school who refuse to pay union dues. Can’t look any of them in the eye, absolute scum bags!


Fucking grim mate. Look after you and yours.

I have a restructure/redundancy question, in case anyone might know the answer.

We’ve had / as re having two restructures at my workplace at the moment. In the first one, a colleague has decided to not accept the new lower paid job they’re offering. He’s been at our work for 15 or so years, and so will get his 15 weeks of pay as part of his redundancy package. His notice period is 4 (or 8) weeks, however our work has told him that he’s worked here for 15 years that his notice period he will have to work will instead be 12 weeks - which is apparently the highest that they can set. I guess to keep him working for us for longer? Although I’ve never known this to be the case before - either people worked their normal notice period for their redundancy, or they were let go pretty quickly (apparently in those cases where they thought it was better for the individual, or better for the workplace if they thought they might cause trouble).

Anyhow, this colleague is okay with the extra notice period, however I have another long-serving colleague/friend who is currently going through a restructure. If they end up accepting redundancy, they definitely will not want to have to work 12 weeks notice before getting their redundancy, especially as their normal notice period is also 4 or 8 weeks. It’s possible our work will let them go early, as it seems like a personal thing against them, but just wondering whether it would be something that our work can technically enforce? It’s not mentioned in our redundancy policy, but maybe it’s a standard thing for all companies if they want?
I imagine I’ll end up being their companion for one/some of the meetings, so I wanted to find this out just in case!