Joining a Union

they should join a union.

Oh yep, I had suggested that in the past, but I think money reasons were the reason they didn’t. Anyhow, it’s too late to join a union for this case for them now!

looks like they’ve found a scab to replace me. quite, quite angry

For redundancy purposes, your normal notice period is a minimum that you’re entitled to in pay if it’s greater than the statutory level (effectively a week per year up to 12 years for these purposes). The company can then choose whether to pay you in lieu or to make you work it.

Thanks. I’ve also found a HR document that says that staff notice periods increases a week per year (after being here 4 or 8 years), up to a maximum of twelve weeks. It was just that I (and other colleagues) had never heard it mentioned before though. And would feel bad if they enforced it on any assistants/administrators who have been here for more than four years, and then find out their notice period has increased.

Amazon workers win right to paid time off



My union’s membership levels in the last three months… Suddenly everyone loves unions!



Fuck. I wonder how long it takes for University of Brighton (my employer) and other universities to follow suit.



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Los Campesinos offering to sub first month’s fees for those unable to afford union membership at the moment. GBOL.

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Are you in a union now?

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i’ve just joined unison! took me ages to figure out who would be best but they deal with charities/medical/education/government and my job covers all and none of those, so it seemed closest. excited to throw it back in my sister and dads faces now when they complain about their shitty work conditions and i say join a union!! and they say you’re not in a union and now i can say in your face yes i am


Just joined Comrade Vine and all of the other GBOL in Unison. Took me a while to figure out the right one (think USDAW were the big dogs at my old place, was never sure if I was eligible to join though) but glad to be aboard.


Going to give FSU a call to see if it’d be a good fit :thinking:

Obviously a great thing to do but a slightly unhelpful description. Loads of people think their profession or workplace doesn’t have a union. Most unions are general and anyone can join them even if they’re not in a particular profession or if nobody else in their workplace is a member.

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In two trade unions and one renters union. It’s great, love it.