Joining a Union

Not quite as exciting as a member pack dropping through the door, but it’ll do for now…


I think this is the most appropriate thread for this

(the other episodes are good too, but this one with Kate Flood in particular is worth a listen)

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Some caveats in here though:

hmmm will be interesting to see what happens. here’s what i made today.

Aaaaaand now I’m on strike on Thursday.


indie rock / union crossover


Does anyone know of a Union which specialises in call centre workers?

Can they join the union that represents the industry they’re a call centre for? I know people who do that sort of work for Royal Mail can join the CWU.



happy may day xo


We came out of dispute on Wednesday after five days of striking and a ballot for further action short of a strike.

I could really do with a year where I don’t have to strike if I’m honest.

Thanks for this. I didn’t realise the NUJ covered folks who do online writing stuff, reporting and copywriting etc.

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@moderators it might be worth chucking this into the PoliticsBook boards?

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I have a similar question also based on the link above, hope you dont mind me piggybacking. I work in retail in a head office role. It’s suggesting GMB, Unite or USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers).

Anyone know if there’s any advantage in joining an industry-specific union when it seems to be aimed at people whose role is quite different to yours? (Would they even accept non-customer facing retail employees?)

I don’t know anyone in a union here, quite hard to choose!


My experiences with unite have always been fine. I’ve only ever used them for advice but it’s been really useful. Not currently a member though. Community are a labour affiliate too so theoretically that’s some type of influence… - difficult question!

A consideration for me is whether the union has a political party affiliation. And on that basis I’d join none of them and would probably look into the IWW instead. But I appreciate that’ll not be a concern for everyone.

A more common factor in preference would probably be whether your workplace has a specific formally recognised union or unions. Which is possibly not something that’s well-advertised, so obtaining this information might be best done by talking to colleagues.