JoJo's Top 20 Canadian Guitar Tracks: 1987-1997

These were pivotal times in my musical development, and goddamit I’m going to share it with DiS during this Easter-ish holiday while I’m taking some time off work. Apologies in advance for the Spotify links.

20 We’ll start off by including one of Narduwar’s many bands, well, because everyone loves Narduwar. Also I’m going to France in a few days.


Doot doo!

54-40 - She-La

Despite their somewhat generic rock and roll output, I need to stress that these guys were fucking huge at their peak, headlining hockey arenas. Plus they had a very cool band name, referencing the ultimately fruitless campaign for the USA to claim what turned out to be a massive part of Western Canada.


The Inbreds - Any Sense of Time

Duo playing just bass and drum. Like many good bands of the day they migrated to Halifax, flirted with SubPop, and fizzled out within a few years.