Not sure I can remember so much furore about a film before it’s even been released? People condemning the content without having seen it, defending the content without having seen it… Phoenix walking out of an interview because he was apparently surprised to be asked about whether or not the film glorifies the character, and now this grim shit:

All for what’s probably going to be a 7/10 passable film like Logan or something.

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Genuinely irked by all of it


Yeah me too. Also somewhat irked by the complicity of the media which have reviewed it but won’t discuss the content for fear of spoilers, which I understand, but at the same time are happy to fan the flames of this debate for clicks.

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Feels like an absolutely perfect storm really. The nadir of “the narrative” as a marketing device.

“Wait until you’ve consumed the thing before you allow yourself to speak with authority on the thing” really, really should not be the marginal/niche stance.


This happens pretty often though, eh? Daily Mailists condemning films they haven’t seen, furore whipped up, additional tickets sold. The scenario usually ends when everyone wonders what the fuss was all about

Although I do quite fancy seeing this

Yeah maybe, it’s the intersection of that tabloidy scare-mongering with terrible geeky fandoms, plus the addition of alt-right talking points… it’s all too much.

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To some extent, yeah. I guess the difference is that the “controversy” has always tended to be more specific than notional. Eg, the film contains a scene where ‘X violent act’ happens.

The shared concept is the complete failure to grasp that a thing being portrayed is not a thing being endorsed though.

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Fair point. Although this goes way back to films like A Clockwork Orange tbf.

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You can’t have films where the baddies the main character. It’s just not realistic. Imagine how depressing it’d be in real life if the world was full of bad people being celebrated and aided to be worse by the media


is batman etc in it?

Huge if true:


I think Bruce Wayne is a kid in it?

doesn’t sound like a fair fight


not for me. really bored of superhero things.

I will definitely watch this in 18-24 months time when it appears on a streaming service and my wife is out for the evening. No amount of “controversy” will keep me away from that.


I can’t stand them / haven’t seen any of them. But this looks quite interesting

What is your wife’s favourite film?

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Yeah, for sure. I guess the discourse is just more all-encompassing now innit

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Exactly the opposite for me. Love a good superhero movie, but the Joker is a shit character and I’m so fucking bored of him. And Batman too. Tedious pricks, both.