Why’s the joker so old?

Some people think it’s because he’s not the joker he’s just a guy that ends up inspiring The Joker

They should change the name of the film to reflect that then


Sammie genuinely scares me


Yeah, I would agree with that

gonna see it tomorrow, get hype. I will NOT be posting my opinion in this thread or any other

I saw on Facebook that one of my old schoolmates who is absolutely obsessed with comics, HATED Joker. Not sure if it’s more of a comic book movie for 70s movie-nerds

I agree with my good friend @chris-budget



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I believe Will Smith refused. Which is odd given Gunn has a very good track record for this sort of thing. (I stuck it out for about 50 mins I think so it’s possible Will Smith’s character died and I was misinformed.)

Oooh, quite like this. I mean that would work in the sense that he and Bats are supposed to be contemporaries.

I guess there’s a lot of margin for it being all in his head anyway and he’s just a guy locked up. The film fades to white, right? That’s often a sign of it being a dream or whatever, as I understand things.


This same point was made for Burton’s Batman as Nicholson was way older than Bruce.

I think it’s interesting how the trailer absolutely gave huge ‘disaffected white male who commits violence’ vibes. The film isn’t really remotely like that, or certainly it wasn’t a vibe I got. Everything he does feels like a slightly extreme reaction to something we could all relate to, it’s almost more Arthur Dent with a gun than anything.

One of the reasons I don’t like this character as the Joker is because he’s more like Two-Face as a villain, he’s given a sense of loyalty to people he likes a view of ‘justice’ etc. but for me the Joker should be a pure psychopath. He would have killed Gary instead of undoing the chain on the door.

I’m not sure a trailer has managed to hit a nerve like that before so it’s kind of a new situation. And that’s where all the noise starts.

But I also think the director and to a degree Phoenix didn’t help matters by how they reacted to what was said. It’s clear they didn’t understand what was worrying people and didn’t seem to be able to defuse things. Maybe they didn’t want to? I’m starting to think it was the latter.

Look at Phillips’s comment of trying to get a ‘real’ movie made under guise of being a comic book film and yet his film is weighed down by the Batman references, Gotham, young Bruce Wayne, Thomas Wayne, even the utterly stupid death of Bruce’s parents bit and the explicit ‘call me Joker’ thing. It’s very much attempting to be a comic book film when it didn’t need that at all.


I know very little about DC, Batman, or comic books in general. I wasn’t even really up for going to see it but my other half convinced me. As a stand alone film I think it’s great, really dark and thoroughly depressing. Found it odd that people were laughing though. Didn’t see any comedy in it really. didn’t even laugh when he walked into the glass doors at the hospital

Best scene in the joker film (spoiler alert)


I had a copy of the Mask Strikes Back, think my dad got it because his work got copies of new books people could take and he thought because it was a comic thing I might like it. It was legit terrifying, incredibly dark and violent, nothing like the film.

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the best bits were watching him run in clown shoes


did you twig that Bob* Wayne was batman’s dad

*or whatever. who remembers.

yeah I knew that. And even if I hadn’t little Bruce introducing himself would have been a dead give away…

Nicholson is only 14 years older than Keaton though. Joaquin is 34 years older than the boy who played Bruce.

Somebody stop me! (From telling bad jokes, as I am the Joker!")

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