Not heard of these comics before, gonna check them out (sound way better than the shitty films)

I had one that was Marshall Law vs The Mask. But I never got part 2.

I also had one that was Marshall Law vs Hellraiser. Also failed to get part 2 of that.

Joker/Mask has happened as well appaz.

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Still the point stands, they are not contemporaries and people have remarked that Nicholson’s was too old.

(Keaton was considered bad casting prior too.)

saw this last night. went with a friend who realised he hadn’t seen a non-comic book movie at the cinema all year, or last year and, in fact, probably since star wars episode 8

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right now protesters in lebanon and chile are appropriating aesthetics from the film for the purposes of civil disobedience to highlight economic inequality. fuck the libs.

here is a lebanese woman dressed like the joker waving her flag in front of some fire.


mass shootings by incels triggered by seeing the joker so far: 0


you are genuinely convincing me to go see this film lol

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Just a thing struggling thinkpiecers can make up their word count with now innit

although this is basically what I was saying all along THUS I WIN

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I dont know why so serious?

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Cant believe this only has 2 likes

You people (society) have held me back long enough, I’m going to clown college (do some crimes)

- Joker


Have liked now. I think it was because at the time I wasn’t really reading the thread due to not wanting to see spoilers and then I didn’t end up going back through it.

Books the best film you haven’t seen

I mean this is a decent movie but in no way does it deserve the support you’re giving it :smiley:

The trailers absolutely promised a pro-MRA narrative movie that commentators were worried about, which isn’t what we got. And the director absolutely has behaved like a terrible conservative wanker so it’s not really surprising people were concerned.

Now it’s out there it’s, well it’s decent as I say, but it’s far from perfect and incredibly not insightful or deep in any way. So any ‘victory’ against people who were concerned is pretty Pyrrhic.

well i disagree this is a pyrrhic victory. i think it was necessary to be overblown in my praise even if i really think it is a 7/10 movie. because the opposing takes are so insufferable. and it was worth it to see cool irony millennials out themselves as phyllis schafly evangelicals from the 1980s, because i hate them all so much. i drink their milkshake and their tears. they fetishize their neuroses and paranoia about living in this system to such an extent they have added clown taxi driver to the huge list of stupid white people shit they are terrified of, the little babies. deep down they hope someone does get killed over this so in the group DM they can breathlessly post, “see, see, i am Not Owned”. pathetic. depraved. what a sick death cult. get a grip. meanwhile people in lebanon are having raves and torching stuff. i know who i would rather smoke a bowl with.

as for me, im gonna relax on the porch. i will add this to a long list of things i was right about. i will think about it over a cool glass of lemonade. sip sip sip. despite people giving me shit initially, i was right again. ha ha ha. i never get an apology, and in fact many people who give me shit go on to repackage my takes as their own, some of them post on here even, but they are very nasty and jealous people, and i am a bright shining star. i will then cast about for another thing to be right about, in 3 months.

this cycle is in its own way all the vindication i need.




Well this certainly is a post


Bit cold for porch relaxing imho

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Its just fine. And things that are just fine are a bit naff.