Joke's International Gladiators Thread

@JaguarPirate potw please.

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What are the chances?

Look at what The Guardian just published:

That was the third post of the thread. I assumed it was what had inspired it.

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oh yeah :smile:


Really great moment here from Russian thread favourite SPARTAK


Wonder what John Anderson is up to these days

He lives in Corby, he was still coaching tennis and athletics up until a few years ago. Must be retired now. Haven’t seen him in yonks

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Wow I’ll keep an eye out next time I’m in Big Tesco

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Bamnan gets trolley
John: Bamnan you may go on my ferst whishtle!" Wolf you may go on my seycond whiishtle!"


wish there was more gladiators to rate

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Do you think there should be a Gladiators reunion Joke?

Just remembering when Wesley ‘Two Scoops’ Berry narrowly beat Phil Norman the karate instructor from Poole on the eliminator

Probably the pinnacle of human sporting achievement. Incredible scenes

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Bumping this in honour of big child Hunter from Gladiators aka Gemma from The Circle

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Man, in the 90s we were so relaxed about really problematic stuff! :frowning:


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