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Help each other out with gags you can’t quite get right yourself

I’d like a line about how I like this kind of weather and would speak more freely about being a pluviophile, except that it’s an autocorrect disaster waiting to happen.

I don’t think Mock the Week will be calling soon.

Actually…they probably will!

Great, thanks for the contribution to the thread.

Do we think we can whip @TKC’s reply into something a funny, or is that too big an ask?


I was trying to think of one for a football player pun but cant think of neither the pun nor the player

It’s funny because he mocked the weak

Yes! the weak gag Epimer was making

spot on

Guys I really think there might be something in the fact that “pluviophile” and “paedophile” look a bit similar and that sometimes autocorrect gets things wrong. It’s raining outside! It’s topical!

What’s a pluviophile?

Someone who touches ABANDON REPLY

I’ve got one I’ve been tinkering with - can’t quite get the setup, but when I do boy is it going to be hilarious.

Something about house renovations being delayed because on friday the nails got hammered, walls got plastered, windows got smashed


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With increasing rental prices in city centres AND the huge rise in online fantasy joking, I don’t understand why they haven’t gone under.

I think this is unrealistic because hardware can’t get intoxicated.

the google image results for ‘drunk hammer’ prove you wrong


Well that’s me telt.

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I tried typing “pluviophile” into my phone. It just came up with “pluviometer”.

Such is the difference in how we each use our phones, I suppose.

Sweating like a pluviophile in an umbrella shop?


I think that might be the highlight of this sorry thread.

Got the genus of something for the Fabric Reopening news related to splitting your trousers (the trousers would probably have had to already have been repaired from a similar incident hence the "re"opening)

Maybe you split your trousers the last time you were there, due to pulling some ridiculous moves to some hard house?